Referral Marketing

As a co-author of an Amazon best selling book, Renewable Referrals, this presentation delivers practical, action packed information on generating business through referrals

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Build, Grow & Ignite

This presentations helps business owners plan for future success by creating a vision that looks past the day to day operations and explores opportunities 5 years and beyond.

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Podcast For Sales

Podcasting - It's new, it's innovative and it is the hidden gem for every business. This presentation provides insights for why this is an ideal strategy for attracting new clients.

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Debbie DeChambeau has a unique background from insurance to marketing, podcaster to published author, business owner to speaker. For the past 20 years she has met with over 50 business owners a week talking about different business issues. These meetings have provided knowledge from multiple industries that most MBA's don't acquire.

Her wide breadth of knowledge is shared with a creative and interactive style. Her never ending desire to learn keeps her ahead of most industry professionals as she talks with audiences about topics she is passionate about.

She is a podcaster, facilitator, speaker and consultant that keeps audiences thinking.

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